About The Course - 9 Week Business Plan Workshop

About The Course

The 9-week Business Plan Workshop is designed to impart a deeper understanding of your industry, your company and yourself. It allows you to think about the challenges that could come up in the entrepreneurial process so that you can make informed decisions that will maximize successful outcomes.

We’ve developed this workshop for the “on-the-go professional.” Our curriculum is catered to the modern entrepreneur, enabling you to:

  • Refine your pitch skills: pitch your business plan to a professional panel and receive feedback, enabling you to present your plan successfully to financial institutions, investors, and your internal team.
  • Gain access to a best-in-class online business plan platform: Our workshops provide access to LivePlan, an online business plan development platform, providing participants with the ability to easily create, store, and share their plans with instructors for feedback.
  • Gain hands-on resources: Participants receive a workbook crafted to walk you through each step of developing a successful business plan, and can be utilized after the workshop for refinements and enhancements to your plan.

Business Plan Workshop Syllabus:

Our program includes 9 in-person group sessions, approximately 2 hours each, complete with guest lectures and 30 minutes of lab time, so that participants get hands-on time to work on their plans and get input during class hours.

  • Week One – Getting Started: Set up for efficient business growth.
  • Week Two – Understanding your Market: Dive into your industry, target audience and competition.
  • Week Three – Establishing Company Culture: Define your brand personality.
  • Week Four – Marketing and Sales Strategy: Create a winning marketing plan.
  • Week Five – Build your Team: Create a rock-solid operations plan.
  • Week Six – Creating a Business Roadmap: Define milestones and benchmarks.
  • Weeks Seven & Eight – Financial Planning and Strategizing: Forecasting, sourcing funds, and more.
  • Week Nine – Panel Presentation: Finalize and present your comprehensive business plan.

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