Business Plans Across Industries: Real Estate and Beyond - 9 Week Business Plan Workshop

Business Plans Across Industries: Real Estate and Beyond


We’ve had many new business owners ask us if a business plan was needed for their specific industry – real estate in particular. Oftentimes, real estate brokers and agents become licensed, join an agency or acquire a peer’s clientele list and geographical target area, and hit the road running without much of a plan for growth in place.

However, real estate business plans, be it for commercial, residential, or industrial real estate, can be a great tool for real estate professionals. These plans help define your target audience (as well as who you don’t want to work with), how to attract said target audience, how you’ll differ/stand out from the competition (extremely important, with real estate being a highly competitive market), address your strengths and weaknesses so you can develop a plan of attack should any problems arise, and forecasting so you can lay out your roadmap for success and growth.

While some real estate professionals may not need to present a business plan to financiers in efforts to gain investment, many are involved in projects that require funding (those involved in commercial real estate, especially), where a solid business plan is essential.

This is why we’ve geared our business plan workshop to provide information and hands-on lab time for entrepreneurs across a variety of industries, providing information beyond just business goals, marketing and strategy (not that those are small in and of themselves), but covering business law, finance and HR as well. We understand that each industry and business faces its own set of unique challenges, and are here to help participants get on the road to success.

To learn more about our business plan workshops, please contact us at: 510-306-4217 or email us for more information.

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