Now’s the Time to Assess Your Business Plan: Business Plan Workshops - 9 Week Business Plan Workshop

Now’s the Time to Assess Your Business Plan: Business Plan Workshops

Business Writing Workshop for Entrepreneurs

With the start of a new year comes renewed energies and fresh perspective. We all get wrapped up in the noisiness of day-to-day business tasks, and often end up in “survival mode,” staying afloat to handle necessary projects and put out the inevitable fire.

Just like in our personal lives, where many of us take advantage of the invigorating push to make New Year’s resolutions to help us achieve our goals, why not do the same for your business?

With the holidays behind you, it’s a great time to refocus on where you’re at and where you want/need to be. Do you have a solid business plan in place? Have you gone astray from your plan, and its time to review and refresh it to help you get back on track?

Take some time this month to review your business assets, and make a plan for getting on track to make 2016 the most successful year yet. The air is filled with positive energy for change – make the most of it! Participating in a business plan workshop is a great way to revitalize a tired business plan that has gone astray, or put one together – even if you’ve already started your business without a plan in place.

For those looking for help in putting together a business plan, or revising a plan previously put in place, our 9-Week Business Plan Workshop is here to help! Register today to reserve your spot, or contact us via email or 510-306-4217 for more information.

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